Sunlight bathes us in far more energy than we could ever need—if we could just catch enough

Sustainability is a loosely used word. An advertising gimmick. You don’t need to live in California to utilize the power of the sun. Solar power is free, natural and cost saving. Generating up to 100% of our own clean electricity with solar is an investment that we had decided to make when we started Hotel Deyzor.

Karanbir and Skalzang from the beginning had decided to invest in harnessing the renewable elements of nature to provide an experience to their guests.


Deyzor now is the only hotel in Spiti valley and probably amongst the handful in all of Himachal which runs entirely on solar power when regular government supply is disrupted.
If you’ve been to Spiti you would know 5 hours of uninterrupted electricity for a week is a luxury.
Our hotel now has installed a 1KW solar panel, 250ltr of solar water heater, solar cooker and a green house.
For us at Hotel Deyzor working towards sustainability was not only a commitment to the environment, but also a great economic choice. The solar panels convert sunlight directly into electricity by converting light particles into electrons negatively charged particles.

When light strikes the PV cell it causes the atoms to release their electrons in a way that produces a direct current similar to the energy from batteries. The 1KW solar panel allow us to provide 2 LED bulbs, 1 for the room and 1 for the bathroom in every room. Besides this our refrigerator, WIFI, and lights for the restaurant and the 2 corridors are also supplied from it.


Solar water-heating is a cheap alternative and produces massive savings as well as cuts CO²emissions. Hot water is a constant requirement for any hotel and this system can reduce the need for conventional water heating by as much as two-thirds. Our intent is to minimize our environmental impact and carbon footprint by making Hotel Deyzor energy efficient and reducing our reliance on the practically nonexistent government electricity



DSC05208We use the solar cooker to make rice, pulses and boil veggies. The solar cooker was made using mud and straw from Spiti, a poly-carbonate sheet and a metal sheet also bought locally.
The green house was added in 2015 and while there is still lots for us to learn, we are growing tomato, mint, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, bronchiole, cauliflower, radish amongst other veggies.


We recognize our commitment towards maintaining a greener and healthier environment and our vision for a green world. Our programme  encompasses local participation, creating awareness among employees and guests.


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