Why Spiti is good for you



Spiti reminds you to step back. Tells you to slow down. To hear your heart, feel the wind. So caught up are we with our daily routine that we are either dwelling about the past, anxious about the future or our agitated mind is trying to find excitement in new things.
In Spiti you won’t be stuck in traffic and there won’t be internet to waste time on Whats app. Like it or not you will be forced to slow down.

My travels in India and outside have convinced me that our core nature is to help others and be kind. In South America, South East Asia, East Africa and more recently in Iran, generosity was shown to me by complete strangers with nothing expected in return. In Spiti you’ll experience the same. Give yourself time, talk to strangers and you will see how people who have much less than you are ready to part with more than you will for a stranger.



When the Tibetan Guge kings came to Spiti around the 8th century, people living in this Trans Himalayan range were nomadic pastoralists. They understand the difficulty that outsiders and those travelling face in this harsh terrain. Despite tourism increasing every year in Spiti the attitude of the locals towards those visiting is extremely welcoming and hospitable. Having lived as nomads till not too long ago people here are understanding to the needs of outsiders and some are still surprised that people living in cities with the comforts that they do not have here can be so interested in their way of life.

Time spent in Spiti will inspire you to look at the goodness in life, in people and in yourself. You’ll find pleasure in small things and not just getting trashed on weekend. In Spiti you’ll find simplicity isn’t boring and life can be lead with joy without materialism.